7 Easy Hair Makeovers

If you want to update your hairstyle, but fear a major style commitment (like bangs or a new color), a subtle change can do wonders to freshen up your look.

Here are seven small makeovers that can pack a punch, style-wise:

  1. Try a new part: If you normally part your hair in the middle, changing to a side part will create a slight asymmetry that looks new and alluring. And changing from a side part to the middle can give your new style a clean, crisp feel (it also slims down your face!).
  2. Play it up: Instead of always wearing your hair down, play around with new updo styles. This can range from sophisticated chignons to a messy bun. Pulling up your hair can also accentuate the elegance of your jawline and neck. Plus, it can display the darker, under layers of your hair that were previously hidden.
  3. A new side: A trendy side ponytail can be a fun way to change up your look. First, make a deep side part and pull your hair to one side of your head, then secure it near the nape of your neck. Curl the ends and sweep them over your shoulder for some flair.
  4. Leave it down: If you’re someone who always pulls up your hair, leave it down for a change. Let your hair air-dry into its natural texture. Soft waves around your face tend to be flattering.
  5. Go straight: Straight hair can be a great way to frame and accentuate your features. Apply a light leave-in conditioner and then blow dry your hair, angling the nozzle down your cuticle. The use a flat iron to straighten your hair in 2-inch sections. Finish off with some smoothing cream to keep your locks sleek.
  6. Add some glow: Use a golden color enhancing gloss treatment to make your hair color bright and sleek. It will give your hair a summery, sun-kissed look without changing the color.
  7. Lighten up: One easy summer change is to go just slightly lighter with your hair color. Lightening more than 2 shades can be a difficult and potentially damaging process for your locks, but if you go up by ½ a shade it’s much easier and less harsh. This is a great way to subtly lighten your look without overdoing it.