7 Tips For DIY Hair Color

We know it’s tricky, but you don’t have to be afraid of coloring your hair at home. Here are some professional DIY tips from color expert Estelle Baumhauer, Color Director at eSalon.com, an online company that provides personalized home hair color:

1. Color selection

“Choose a hair color within 2 shades of your natural color,” Estelle recommends. “Colors outside of this range could look unflattering and unnatural on you.”

2. Read the instructions

Always read your instructions thoroughly before you apply color. “Make sure you’re clear on the length of time to leave the color on your hair and other details,” says Estelle. “At eSalon, we actually personalize the instructions to your hair, so they’ll be different from the generic box colors.”

3. Make good sections

“The biggest trick to achieving an even, professional application is sectioning your hair and coloring one section at a time,” Estelle says. “Start by parting your hair all the way down the middle. Then make a horizontal part just behind your ear and trace it all the way across. Clip each of the 4 regions away from each other, and you’re ready to color!”

4. Provide coverage

“It can be very helpful to drape an older, dark towel over your shoulders and on the floor,” suggests Estelle. If color drips (which tends to happen despite your best intentions), you won’t have to worry about stains.

5. Enlist help

“This may not be possible all of the time, but a helping hand from a partner, teenager, or friend can make it much easier to ensure even results, especially in the back sections!” says Estelle.

6. Start with roots, then ends

“Apply color to the regrowth (roots) first,” says Estelle. “If you’re doing an allover application, color the ends right after the roots.” The “ends” means all of the hair below the regrowth at your scalp – not just the very end, but the whole length of previously colored hair).

7. Condition

“Follow your hair color application with a moisturizing conditioner,” Estelle recommends. “This will help seal in the new color and prevent fading. It also adds healthy-looking shine to your locks!”

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