7 Winter Hair Helpers

Winter winds can stress delicate tresses.  Cold air holds less moisture so dehydration is behind most hair hassles this season. Help strands thrive in cold weather with these 7 easy tips.

1) Wash Less Frequently

Skipping a shampoo not only maintains your beautiful eSalon hair color it also helps retain beneficial oils on the scalp.

2) Add a Hair Mask or Treatment 

Make a hair mask or deep moisturizing treatment a weekly ritual in the winter.

3) Fill Up on Hair Healthy Foods

To build strong hair eat protein rich foods like: nuts, legumes, quinoa, and lentils. Antioxidants (Vitamin C, & E among others) found in greens like spinach and kale, and berries repair cellular damage.  Also, eat and slather yourself in coconut oil! With a whole list of natural moisturizers its good on the inside and outside of the body.

4) Don’t Forget Your Water

Stay hydrated so your body can produce supple strands.

5) Step Away from the Hot Shower

A hot shower might sound like the best idea when it’s freezing, but don’t be tempted to crank up the heat. Hot water strips the hair and body of protective oils.  Instead, try a warm shower followed by a cozy bathrobe.

6) Wear Low Maintenance Hair  

Your hair is more brittle in winter. Be gentle. Don’t yank. Besides, loose braids and buns are very fashionable.

7) Don’t Step Outside with Wet Hair

Don’t risk your health or your hair.  When water freezes inside your hair shaft it expands and can crack and damage hair.  Take extra time to air or blow dry your hair.