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Winter winds can stress delicate tresses.  Cold air holds less moisture so dehydration is behind most hair hassles this season. Help strands thrive in cold weather with these 7 easy tips. 1) Wash Less Frequently Skipping a shampoo not only maintains your beautiful eSalon hair color it also helps retain beneficial oils on the scalp. 2) Add a Hair Mask or Treatment  Make a hair mask or deep moisturizing treatment a weekly ritual in the winter. 3) Fill Up on Hair Healthy Foods To build strong hair eat protein rich

When you’re in the hair care aisle at the drugstore, it seems like there are an infinite amount of styling products to choose from. Expert hairstylist Estelle Baumhauer – Color Director at online hair color provider – guides you through the top 5 hair care products that shouldn’t be missing from your shelf if you want healthy, flawless hair. Leave in conditioner: “Not only does it help detangle and prevent breakage, but leave-in conditioner provides extra protection!” says Estelle. “It hydrates and locks in moisture, which is essential for maintaining healthy

It’s summer! We couldn’t be more excited about spending time on beautiful beaches. But with our extended time outdoors comes potential damage to hair and skin, the least of which results in hair color fading. We’ve emptied out our beach bags to give you a peak at some of the items we bring along on days out to keep us safe in the sun. Hat or Scarf – Are we going to harp on the damaging effects of the sun like every beauty website? Yes. Why? Because UV damage can

We get many questions about hair color terms, so a few weeks ago we decided to post a Colorist Dictionary to demystify the coloring process.  Our clients loved it! Now we’re revealing more colorist lingo to make finding your perfect shade even easier. Backcomb – AKA Teasing. Used to create volume. Using a comb or brush to push hair towards the scalp creating a pillow of hair for volume. Balayage – Is a French coloring technique where color is painted onto the hair rather than using traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. Crown – The

Going to the colorist can be nerve-wracking for many reasons, but especially because they speak an entirely different language! wants to demystify the coloring process for everyone.  We asked our Colorists to translate their speak into English so we could bring you this Colorist to English Dictionary. Demi Permanent – Color that is deposited only and typically lasts 4-6 weeks depending on the hair’s porosity and condition. Has no ammonia and will not completely cover grey, but it can be used for blending it. Permanent Color – Contains ammonia and is

Wouldn’t it be nice to have hair that actually obeyed you in the morning? The truth is, effortless lovely locks aren’t that difficult to get. It just takes the right kind of maintenance to ensure your hair looks great day in and day out. “I tell many of my clients to follow these steps to have all-around, great hair every day,” says Estelle Baumhauer, the Color Director at Learn how to keep your tresses picture-perfect all the time: Quality haircut: “Starting with the right cut makes it easier to style your

We were thrilled to discover a brand new product that sounds like a miracle hair-whisperer: eSalon’s Shining Armor Renewing Treatment Oil. It’s made by online hair color provider, the first and only source for individually blended, salon grade color for home use. We got the lowdown on this new product: What is it? Shining Armor is the ultimate indulgence for color-treated hair. This argan-infused treatment oil is packed with nutrients that can help promote healthy looking hair and help fight fading. Some of these nutrients include antioxidants and vitamins E

Dark hair color, either classified Brunette or Black, is the most common natural shade on the planet. But how dark is your natural color? Choosing the wrong root color is an easy mistake when you color your hair at home. An accurate assessment of your original hue is vital information your colorist will need to produce your hair color formula. Just because your hair is very dark, doesn’t mean it’s black. Most people mistake darkest brown and dark brown hair for black hair. It’s easy to do! Colorist Erin Z.

There’s nothing like the feel-good effects of a personal image overhaul; after all, change begets change and a new look can bring lasting benefits. While there’s never a bad time to refresh and revive your hair, January’s a great month to kickstart a new you for the year ahead, starting with a fresh, exciting new hair color. So this time around, forget the already-abandoned diet plan and resolve to make 2016 the year of amazing hair. Ring In A New Hue It’s tempting to want to make a major change,

Coloring your hair can be a great way to cover grays and give yourself a new look, but no one wants dull, damaged hair. Here are important tips to prevent damage when you color your hair: Don’t overly lighten “If you have Dark Brown hair and you’re dying to go Light Blonde, unfortunately you can’t get it from a bottle,” says color expert Estelle Baumhauer, Color Director at, an online company that provides made to order, custom blended hair color for home use. Lightening products can cause damage by

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