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Curly girls – you already know that curls need extra doting. From wild waves to corkscrew coils, taming those tresses can be constant battle! Here are tricks from our experts for turning your unruly mane into the model of sleekness! 1. Wash it right: Curly hair lives for moisture, so use rich, hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Stay away from products that contain sulfates, which whisk away moisture. To dry, blot gently with a towel instead of ruffling it up. 2. Brush up your tools: Beware! Brush bristles can break the curl pattern on dry

Fading, dryness, frizziness, brassiness – the list of offenses summer weather can do to your hair is a recipe for disaster! “Without the right defenses, the heat, humidity, sun, and water can work against you and your locks,” says expert stylist Estelle Baumhauer, Color Director at breakthrough hair color company Here are Estelle’s best salon tips for healthy hair this summer: Protect color: UV rays from the sun can break down protective protein in the hair and open up the cuticle, allowing color to fade faster. “You can help

The frizzies happen when the cuticle of your hair – which looks like a row of roof shingles – is disrupted, making it take on the dreaded frizzy appearance. Any hair type can get frizzy, and the solutions can vary. Read on for our best plan to fight off frizz: Washing Start with rich, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to keep the cuticle smooth. When you shampoo, wash just the scalp. Don’t shampoo the ends because this removes moisture and can cause frizz. (The ends will get cleaned when you rinse

Winter winds can stress delicate tresses.  Cold air holds less moisture so dehydration is behind most hair hassles this season. Help strands thrive in cold weather with these 7 easy tips. 1) Wash Less Frequently Skipping a shampoo not only maintains your beautiful eSalon hair color it also helps retain beneficial oils on the scalp. 2) Add a Hair Mask or Treatment  Make a hair mask or deep moisturizing treatment a weekly ritual in the winter. 3) Fill Up on Hair Healthy Foods To build strong hair eat protein rich

Alas, summer is almost over. But, not to worry, it always leaves something for us to remember it by! Maybe it’s a tan, a vacation souvenir, beach photos… or even damaged, dry hair.Rescue me! It’s sad but true. Those long days in the sun, chlorinated swimming pools, or repeated trips to the salon for “sun-kissed” highlights often lead to hair woes. Is your hair damaged or dry? If so, take action with these tips from eSalon Color Director Estelle Baumhauer! Damaged Hair vs. Dry Hair Damaged hair often occurs if

As the summer sun shines brightly, humidity lurks in its shadows, threatening to turn your sleek hairstyle into an unruly mess! It’s almost enough to keep anyone indoors until fall… Step out of the shadows and into the light! Pro stylists share how to beat humidity at its own game. Moisturize and Protect Keep your hair moisturized so it won’t soak up excess moisture from the damp air. Deep conditioner, leave in conditioner, and coconut oil help counteract the effects of humidity, leaving your hair healthy and hydrated. Before styling,

As we age, our skin, hair, and features change with us – so our beauty routine needs to change as well. Is yours working against you and adding years to your appearance? Here’s how to avoid the biggest mistakes and maintain a youthful look: Give your makeup a makeover Because our skin becomes thinner and dryer, it’s a good idea to update our makeup choices. Primer can be your best friend – it evens out wrinkles so they’re less visible. Top it off with a lightweight foundation that won’t cake

Fashion Week has wrapped up, but let’s talk about our favorite part – the hair! Forget about the high fashion hairstyles you could only dream of doing – this year it was all about trends that are 100% wearable and easy to do yourself. 1. Braids A fresh take on an old classic! It’s not too tricky to style your milkmaid braid like the ones at the Rebecca Minkoff runway. Just braid hair in two pigtails, then wrap each over the top and secure with bobby pins. Runway fashion meets

Steps: 1. Brush out your hair so it’s smooth, then divide it into two equal sections. 2. Take an outer strip from one side and cross it to the inner part of the opposite side. 3. Now take an outer strip from the second side and cross it over the the inner part of the first side. 4. Continue crossing outer strips to the opposite side until you reach the end, then secure with an elastic. 5. Voila – You’ve created a fishtail braid! Love this model’s hair color? She’s rocking Light Brown Auburn from online

Steps: Pull hair to one side and secure it into a low side ponytail. Divide the tail into three sections. If you have shorter hair, apply product or hairspray for more hold. Twist one section like a rope. Wrap the section around the base and secure with pins. Twist the other sections, then layer and pin them over the base one at a time. You may need plenty of bobby pins to keep flyaway strands in place. Give it a spritz of hairspray, then start turning heads! Before you start: Give

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