Gorgeous Hair Color: No Appointment Needed

Have you ever felt completely tied to the salon? Like the only way to get great, non-drying hair color done right, is to make an appointment and pay oodles of money? You’re not alone.

“I am not a hair person!” says Alexis S. “ I just don’t know how to do all that stuff!”

If this is you, get excited, because custom color company eSalon is changing the hair color game for women everywhere.

Take it from Pat M.: “The quality is excellent, price reasonable, directions good and easy to use, and unlike some other home hair color products, it does not leave my hair dry and brittle, but shiny and beautiful!”

The Better Way to Better Hair

You don’t need to be an expert to get gorgeous hair color at home, and you certainly don’t need to keep paying those salon prices! At just $20, eSalon delivers salon-grade tools and personalized, professional hair color for less than you’d even tip at the salon.

eSalon’s licensed colorists individually craft your color with premium ingredients—that’s right, they create your color especially for you—and then they send it along with step-by-step, illustrated instructions.

If that’s not enough, they also include a professional tool kit with coloring brush, gloves, stain guard, stain remover, shampoo, and conditioner. In other words, eSalon gives you the tools you need to get professional results, at home. There’s no guesswork at all.

Worth a try!

Mass-made drugstore color doesn’t deliver the personalization or the results, while the salon just eats up tons of time and money.

Take a break from all that. Try eSalon.

They craft your color for a reasonable price, and deliver it to you with everything you need to give yourself the rich, long-lasting results you deserve. eSalon’s award-winning color has already earned high-profile buzz from Allure Magazine, the Rachael Ray show, InStyle Magazine, Total Beauty, and others.

Curious yet?

Check eSalon out for yourself with the new customer price of only $10. And with the risk-free satisfaction guarantee? That’s one easy decision.


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