Hair Essentials for Summer

It’s summer! We couldn’t be more excited about spending time on beautiful beaches. But with our extended time outdoors comes potential damage to hair and skin, the least of which results in hair color fading. We’ve emptied out our beach bags to give you a peak at some of the items we bring along on days out to keep us safe in the sun.

Hat or Scarf –

Are we going to harp on the damaging effects of the sun like every beauty website? Yes. Why? Because UV damage can lead to premature aging and skin cancer. It can also fade your hair color. Keep your hair and scalp covered with a fashionable hat or scarf and for additional protection…

Hair Sunscreen –

Even if you’re covering your head with a hat or scarf use a UV spray. Many companies have developed UV protection sprays for the hair, but you can also use a very light misting facial sunscreen. Mist the sunscreen into the air and walk into the spray for a light application.

Leave In Conditioner –

This is a must for two reasons: 1) Wetting your hair and slathering it in conditioner before you jump in a pool can save it from chlorine’s damaging effects. 2) A leave in like eSalon’s Perfect Ending Leave In Conditioner is lighter than traditional conditioners, which is better for summer when your scalp can produce more oil. Also, a leave in conditioner will help tame flyaways that come with additional humidity.

Root Touch Up –

You’re out of town and won’t get to color your hair for another 2 weeks, or your color is fading faster due to fun in the sun and more frequent washes or beach visits. Whatever the reason, eSalon’s Color Kiss Temporary Root Touch UP can mask those roots. Simply apply a matching Color Kiss to your roots, let dry for 3 minutes, and then go play. Color Kiss washes out with your next shampoo.

Water bottle –

Staying hydrated allows ample blood flow to the scalp, which in turn helps you grow longer and stronger hair. Bring a reusable water bottle to the beach and refill often!

Get your perfect summer hair color formulated just for you at We know that you’re unique and that one color doesn’t fit everyone. Our colorists are standing by, so order your eSalon color today.