How To Get Healthy-Looking Hair All Summer Long

Fading, dryness, frizziness, brassiness – the list of offenses summer weather can do to your hair is a recipe for disaster! “Without the right defenses, the heat, humidity, sun, and water can work against you and your locks,” says expert stylist Estelle Baumhauer, Color Director at breakthrough hair color company

Here are Estelle’s best salon tips for healthy hair this summer:

  1. Protect color: UV rays from the sun can break down protective protein in the hair and open up the cuticle, allowing color to fade faster. “You can help combat fading color by keeping your hair moisturized and regularly apply a hair product containing sun and UV protection,” suggests Estelle. “Or, wear a hat for total coverage.”
  2. Daily moisture: “Did you know your hair needs extra hydration to stay healthy and damage-free?” says Estelle. “Leave in conditioner can provide lasting moisture throughout the day, and an extra rich conditioner will help quench parched locks!”
  3. Fight frizz: The summer weather makes hair more vulnerable to frizz – especially if it’s color-treated. “Try a styling cream or leave in conditioner to shield your strands, and make sure hair is ultra moisturized,” recommends Estelle. “The more nourished the tresses, the less likely you’ll see the dreaded frizz!”
  4. Reduce oil on scalp: If hot weather gives you an oily scalp and hair, Estelle says you should remove buildup that could increase greasiness. Wash with a gentle shampoo and condition hair from only mid-length to the ends. “And stick to lightweight styling products that won’t add buildup!”
  5. Water protection: Chlorinated swimming pools and salt water at the beach can react with your hair color and cause discoloration. “But here’s a simple solution: coat hair with leave in conditioner before entering the water – this dilutes the effects of the minerals and protect those tresses!” says Estelle. “And always rinse off after swimming to remove mineral build up.”
  6. Deep hydration: “Unfortunately, those minerals in swimming pools and salt water can also cause excessive dryness and brittleness that no one wants,” says Estelle. “Apply a deep conditioning treatment once a week to make hair healthy and luscious.”
  7. Counteract brassiness: Sun damage, dryness, chlorine, and other summer factors can alter hair color and cause warm tones to appear in your hair (often called “brassiness”). “At eSalon, we offer a special Color Enhancing Treatment to combat the unwanted brassy effect,” says Estelle. “The product deposits pigment on each use to help neutralize brassiness and enhance your color!” Get one matched to your individual hair color shade by adding it to your eSalon order.