How To Disguise Gray Roots

No matter how often we color our hair, no one can stop it from growing back! If you see gray roots coming in too fast, try one of these handy tricks to disguise them as long as possible:

  1. Don’t pluck: You may feel tempted to pluck those few gray outliers, but resist! Plucking can damage the hair follicle and can possibly lead to bald patches.
  2. Braids or waves: French braids or braids along your hairline (like Jada Pinkett Smith’s!) can tuck away grays and conceal the appearance of regrowth. In general, wavy hairstyles will also work well to help blend roots.
  3. Change your part: For some women, more grays appear on one side of the head than the other. In addition, parting your hair in the same place can make regrowth more prominent. Try switching your part to the other side to conceal the grays. You can also make a slightly messy part to help conceal scattered grays.
  4. Clever clips: Embellished clips or barrettes can conceal root growth and grays. Try twisting and pinning your grays underneath the colored hair. Or, pull hair into a half-up hairstyle to conceal grays at the crown and part.
  5. Headband or scarf: Wrap a carefully-placed headband or scarf around your head to cover up the roots and leave only your colored ends showing.
  6. Powder: If you’re in a pinch, find a colored powder makeup, such as eye shadow or foundation, which matches your hair color. Use a damp brush and dab powder over grays and roots to temporarily camouflage them.