Prevent Damage When You Color Your Hair

Coloring your hair can be a great way to cover grays and give yourself a new look, but no one wants dull, damaged hair. Here are important tips to prevent damage when you color your hair:

Don’t overly lighten

“If you have Dark Brown hair and you’re dying to go Light Blonde, unfortunately you can’t get it from a bottle,” says color expert Estelle Baumhauer, Color Director at, an online company that provides made to order, custom blended hair color for home use.

Lightening products can cause damage by stripping open the hair cuticle. This weakens the hair, leaving it susceptible to breakage, dullness, and split ends. Your best bet is to stick within two shades of your natural color. Not only will it help maintain healthy hair, but it will also give you the most flattering overall effect.

Color roots only

If your gray roots have grown out, there’s no need to apply a new color application over your entire head of hair. “Coloring all your hair every time can make it darker and unnecessarily damage it,” says Estelle. “When I blend individual home color orders for my clients, I personalize the instructions to make it clear they only need to color the root regrowth.”

Deep condition

If you have dry or damaged hair, you can prevent further damage by boosting up the moisture before coloring. “Try applying a deep conditioning treatment or a hair mask the day before your color application,” recommends Estelle. “This will condition the hair and prepare it to receive color.”

Use good product

Certain hair color products from the drugstore can do more harm than good. Make sure to use a high quality color that won’t strip your hair cuticle of moisture. Try Estelle’s custom blended color from it contains a blend of beneficial nutrients such as vitamins E, B5 and aloe vera. “The color actually conditions your hair during coloring and leaves it healthier and softer,” Estelle says.

Don’t wash before coloring

Your scalp produces natural oils that protect and condition your hair. “Your natural oils can help prevent damage from hair coloring,” says Estelle. It also provides an extra layer for the color to grasp to provide an even color.