The Color Chronicles: SYBIL’S STORY

The Beginning

I first read about eSalon in a magazine.  Allure I think it was. I came across an advertisement for a company that delivers home color with salon results.  And I mean, literally delivers it, like on the doorstep of your house!  

It caught my eye.  What an interesting concept, I thought.  Up until that point, I had been frequenting the salon mostly for a single-color process to cover grays as they grew in.  But I started to notice that my salon color would wash out pretty quickly.  There I was spending all this time and spending all this money to go to a salon for color that washes out quickly.  Then I’d have to re-visit the salon and do it all over again!

So I’m looking at this advertisement and it gives a brief explanation how eSalon works.  eSalon colorists would formulate salon-quality hair color made especially for me, customized to exactly what my actual hair is like.  Then they would have the package delivered to my doorstep at whatever frequency I chose, complete with all the tools I would need to color my hair myself at home.

Time is of the Essence

Now, at this point in my life, time had become more precious to me. I didn’t have the hours to spend at the salon every single time my grays started to grow in.  I wanted a solution where I could color at home and save time.  I also wanted to save a little money, because I was spending a lot at the salons!  Amazingly, for such customized color it was very inexpensive, under $25.  

And so I tried it.  I went online to eSalon and got started building my color profile by providing answers about my hair.  My hair’s length, thickness, color history, natural hue, and desired color were some of the questions that were asked in order to customize a color made for me.  I set up the delivery schedule I wanted, and before I knew it, it shows up right on my doorstep.

Application Station

As far as the personalized instructions, it was so easy and very user friendly, plus it illustrated the application technique for my personal color.  

I applied the color to my hair and sat down to let it all process.  But I quickly realized that I couldn’t just sit down for those 20 or 30 minutes while my hair was processing, and just watch the clock.  I wanted to multitask on chores that needed to be done!

The beautiful thing I found was that this color does not drip, so I could be mobile and move around.  I put on my little cape and got on my computer, caught up on emails, did a little cooking, all while I’ve got the hair color in.  I kept doing other things that were on my to-do list, checking them off while I colored my hair, and it made the time go by so fast.  At home, I could now use those 30 hair-processing minutes being productive, instead of just sitting in a salon chair.

Once the time was up, I rinsed and styled my hair as usual and found that I got the same results as the salon!  There’s something about the formula that makes my hair soft and smooth, and it made me just want to run my fingers through my hair.  Normally, the texture of my natural hair is really curly with a tendency to frizz very easily.  But after I colored my hair, it just smoothed out. I immediately just felt better, more pulled together, more polished!  Treating myself to this color was a little act of self-love.

What Are You Waiting For?

As far as giving eSalon a try, I would say it is so low-risk.  There’s absolutely no reason not to step into it.  You have the flexibility of choosing your color.  After all, eSalon makes it really easy to see the color that you’re about to try.  The way that it’s set up online gives you a sense of confidence for what it is going to look like.  Plus, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee that if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your experience, they’ll re-formulate and resend a new color, or refund your purchase anytime.  

For me, having discovered eSalon has been so good.  I just love how my hair looks, and isn’t that the bottom line?  You want your hair to look the way you want it to look, to have a little control over that.  And then it just makes you feel good.  It makes you feel pretty, it makes you feel feminine, it makes you feel that you’re put together nicely.  And I get all of that when I color my hair with eSalon.

Check eSalon out for yourself with the new customer price of only $10. And with the risk-free satisfaction guarantee? That’s one easy decision.

Get Your Custom Color

About Sybil H.

Sybil is an image consultant, style blogger, and author of Style Yourself over 40, 50 & Beyond. She coaches female entrepreneurs to discover and express their personal style brand.  As a busy business owner, Sybil loves that with eSalon she can color her hair anywhere and anytime while still getting salon-quality results.