eSalon Custom Hair Colour Review – No Expensive Salon Visits!

If you ask me what I’m looking for when it comes to hair colour, I can sum it up in five simple words: quick, convenient, affordable, professional results.

Though it is hard to find all of these qualities in one- you end up having to either take what you can get or settling for subpar. All that changed when I was introduced to eSalon … so is it possible you can ‘have your cake and eat it, too’?

A little background…

eSalon is the only online customisable hair colour service offered worldwide. Their hair colour products are made using professional grade pigments for long-lasting results and superior grey coverage.

What sets eSalon apart is the personalised attention; they actually have a team of colourists who create each unique hair colour formulation. The part I was most impressed by? Their customer service. If you have questions at any point in the process, their expert colourists are available by phone or email for assistance.

What’s the Cost?

£9 plus s&h for your first box!

Here’s What You Get:

  • Developer
  • Your own custom blended hair colour!
  • Stain guard
  • Stain remover
  • Two pairs of gloves
  • Personalised instructions

The Process:

The ordering process is SO easy, which gave me a great first impression. I went on their site and took the hair survey for the colourists to review. They take everything into account: from previous colourings, amount of grey, hair texture, skin tone, hair length and more. You can even submit a photo for their colourists to review (a picture is worth a thousand words!).

Then, they blend your unique formulation and prepare instructions. Just. For. YOU.  Then, they ship the colour directly to your door … and let me tell you, I wish I could get shoes as fast!

The packaging is as impressive as the initial consultation, with personalised instructions designed for you. My package came with a root touch up colour, and a colour to brighten my ends, both of which I mixed with a developer eSalon provided. After applying the colour and letting it process I was ready to rinse. My instructions said to mix water in with the hair colour bottle and saturate the roots; I learned this helps lift the excess colour off of your scalp (never knew that, but it worked like a champ!).


I couldn’t have been more pleased with the way my hair turned out. The colour was rich, vibrant and the best part was I was able to do it myself! I received multiple compliments from complete strangers the next day I went out. It is a pretty awesome colour.

I have been so impressed by eSalon at every step in the process. If you’re tired of paying salon prices, or you want salon-quality hair colour on your schedule, give them a try. You’ll be hooked!


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